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Candice's mission with TC3 is to facilitate holistic well-being, healing, hope, and healthy living through her work with individuals, families, groups, and community partners. 


Candice envisions a comprehensive practice providing counseling, consultation, and health coaching services to the people of Thomasville.  When clients work with TC3, she wants them to feel welcomed, respected, valued, heard, and safe.  She wants to serve the city, particularly those who are struggling, by being a support person who provides affordable and exceptional services, while helping individuals and community partners to reach their full capacity to live, learn, love, serve, work, connect with others, and contribute effectively to society.  Not only will Candice serve as a professional counselor, but she will be a consultant, coach, advocate, educator, and support person. 

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Candice conveys an understanding, compassionate, and genuine approach.  Whether your life story is about you living with mental illness, struggling through a particularly rough chapter in life, being ready and willing to write a new chapter of your life, or being interested in processing some issues that you are unsure about, Candice will work with you to gain clarity, live more holistically, live in align with your goals, and have more hope.  If your emotional distress is preventing you from being your best self, please do not feel like you have to carry this burden alone.  Candice would like to partner with you on your journey to healing, self-exploration, peace, and self-fulfillment.  She will work with you to create a safe space where you feel nurtured, respected, heard, empowered, motivated, and challenged.  She is excited about the work you both can do together!

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Many people are struggling - alone, in silence, and in shame.  They are fearful of the stigma, costs, and inconveniences associated with counseling, as well as issues of confidentiality.  Candice strives provide an open door to counseling to address each of these issues by providing affordable, professional, and exceptional services in a safe space.  She offers individual counseling, couples and family counseling, and support groups addressing a wide range of presenting concerns.  


Candice recognizes the challenges facing any organization or group where multiple personalities, approaches, talents, backgrounds, and growth areas have merged.  Conversations, productivity, and cohesion can become difficult to achieve.  Candice's training as a counselor has equipped her with specialized skills to facilitate productive and meaningful conversations and training.  Also, she is an accomplished presenter that speaks to academic groups about topics that community organizations and schools could greatly benefit from.  

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Health coaching is becoming more mainstream and a recommended service to complement traditional medical treatment.  Many patients know what changes they need to make and they desire a healthier lifestyle but they are having a hard time implementing long-term, realistic, and sustainable behavior modifications.  Although the qualifications for coaching varies widely, as does what coaches do, Candice is a soon-to-be, highly qualified health coach through a vetted program within the Public Health Department at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  She is trained to serve as a guide to facilitate change while holding client's accountable.