Her Story

her story


Her story

Candice Epps Jackson, MS, EdS, NCC, LPCA is the owner, along with her husband, Jadarius Jackson, of Thomasville Counseling, Consulting, and Coaching.  She was born and raised in Thomasville, NC, and she grew up in the city's school system, demonstrating involvement and high achievement.  She left Thomasville to pursue her undergraduate degree at North Carolina State University.  After graduating, she relocated to Greensboro, NC and taught high school at Page High School.  She had a strong pull back to Thomasville because she wanted to work with students from her hometown.  She left Page High School and started teaching at her alma mater, Thomasville High School.  She taught there until she realized she was not living out her full purpose and unable to truly serve students in the ways in which she desired to serve them - addressing all of their needs, and not just their formal education. 

Candice left teaching to pursue her Master's and Educational Specialist degrees at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in counseling.  While at UNCG, she worked with undergraduate students in a living-learning community and in a counseling and consulting clinic, mentored students, and taught college-level courses.  She was learning and thoroughly enjoying her training and experiences so much that she decided to pursue a PhD in Counseling and Counselor Education in the #2 ranked program in the country, again at UNCG.  At this point, she is close to completing her PhD, with only her dissertation remaining.  

Her professional experiences include teaching and supervising at both undergraduate and graduate levels, counseling young children in local Head Start centers and college students at a university counseling center, providing substance abuse counseling services at a treatment hospital, serving children and families at a community agency, being an author of several articles and book chapters, and presenting at both local, regional, state, and national levels.  She has quickly become known for her ability to work with diverse groups of people effectively, tailor her approaches to individuals, families, groups, and organizations, and her unwavering commitment to equity, social justice, diversity, and multicultural sensitivity.  Now, she has returned "home" to Thomasville to provide counseling, consulting, and health coaching services.  This is not a surprise to those who know her well; Candice loves Thomasville - the area, the people, the families, and the schools. 

Although many people are unaware of her struggles, Candice's lived experiences and struggles are noteworthy.  She has struggled with a miscarriage, heart disease, a major heart surgery, work-life-self balance, perfectionism, self-doubt, career-related issues, and more.  Not only has she struggled in these areas, but she has also experienced many victories in her life.  Her struggles in life are ultimately what brought her to the counseling field. 

Candice is married to her high school sweetheart, J.D. Jackson, MS, NCC.  He is also a counselor and PhD student, as well as a published author.  Although J.D. is a counselor, he will not join the practice as a counselor at this time.  Together they have one son, Jay, who is their heart and never ceases to amaze them and tire them out.