What are the differences between counseling, consulting, and health coaching?  

Counseling is a mental health practice that involves a highly trained counselor working with individuals, couples, families, and/or groups to address emotional and psychological issues.  Seeking mental health counseling does not imply dysfunction.  Instead, it demonstrates strength and a willingness to live more wholly and authentically.  

Consulting, in my practice, helps individuals, organizations, schools, and community partners to address often complex and difficult issues that may or may not be impeding their ability to reach their ultimate mission or optimal performance.  Consultations may range from a one-hour session to several hours long time blocks.  I offer courtesy 15-minute phone or in-person conversations to help you and I first determine if this will be a productive partnership.  If you and I agree to move forward, we will discuss details about you and/or your organization's goals in the context of needs, strengths, growth areas, demographics, budget, etc.  I will work with this information to establish a comprehensive and high-quality consultation program.  Many of the conference presentations I design are related to schools, race, diversity, and parenting; however, these same conference presentations can be uniquely fitted to professional development programs and parent trainings.  I specialize in issues related to school-family-community partnerships, diversity and multicultural sensitivity, mental health and community partnerships; however, I am not limited to only addressing these issues.  

Health coaching is a practice that is becoming more mainstream.  Many healthcare experts now recognize the importance of having a health coach partnered with their patients to help increase sustainable behavior modifications and insight into healthcare concerns.  As your certified health coach, I will not be an expert on the medical issues you are attempting to address but I will be your partner and ally who will help you to set and work towards your personal goals.  Health coaching services will begin to be offered in March 2017. 

What are your credentials?

I am a licensed and nationally certified mental health counselor.  I am licensed through the North Carolina Board of Licensed and Professional Counselors, and I am certified through the National Board of Certified Counselors.  Also, I am a Minority Fellow through the National Board of Certified Counselors, which demonstrates my commitment to individuals and communities with large racial and ethnic minority populations, such as Thomasville and surrounding areas.  Also, I have taken courses and spent countless hours discussing and practicing consultative skills.  I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge my training, education, experiences, and skills as a counselor go hand-in-hand with my ability to provide consultative services.  Also, I have extensively researched and published on many of the issues I provide consultation around, such as schools and diversity, school-community-family partnerships, and the Black Church and mental health.  Finally, I am a soon-to-be certified health coach through the high quality Health Coaching program in the Public Health Department at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  Health coaching services will be offered beginning March 2017. 

Who do you prefer to work with?

I prefer to work with any person, family, group, and organization who is ready to do work.  I have worked with children (as young as 2), adolescents, college students, middle-aged and older adults, families, couples, groups, teachers, and organizations.  I am interested in serving and partnering with you.  

What issues can you address?

I can address a wide-variety of issues, as long as my client is ready, willing, and able to work with me.  I work alongside of my clients.  Issues I have addressed are anxiety, depression, panic disorders, psychiatric diagnoses, substance abuse, relationship concerns, parenting, career concerns, college counseling, anger management, as well issues related to familial systems, trust, diversity, and conflict. 

How much do you charge?

I charge $90/session for individuals, $100/session for couples, and $110/session for families.  Intake sessions are priced at $120/session.  Each session is a 50-minute session, except intake sessions which are 1 hour and 20 minutes.  You will notice these rates are set at around 20% or more off of typical rates in the area.  This is intentional; I want counseling services to be affordable.  For support groups, my rates are exceptionally affordable at $50/person for every 4-6 week support group.  Again, this is intentional to allow those who may not can afford individual counseling services to take advantage of a positive group experience.  Support groups are not recommended for everyone so potential members will need to be approved.  For consultations, my rates vary widely depending on the needs, goals of the consultation experience, and number of people.  I offer a courtesy 15-minute consultation-of-the-consultation service to help you determine if I will be able to meet your consultation needs.  I will always do my best to work with the budget provided.  For health coaching, I will charge $50/session.  Please keep in mind that counseling and health coaching sessions can be filed with your insurance.  

Do you accept insurance?

I do not contract with insurance companies at this time but I am happy to provide the information for you to file a claim and be reimbursed. 

Do you provide emergency mental health services?

I do not provide emergency or crisis mental health assistance because I may not be readily available at the specific time in which a client is having the emergency.  All clients or potential clients should report to the nearest emergency room for a mental health evaluation.  I am happy to provide follow-up appointments upon release from the hospital.  If an existing client is in need of an urgent appointment, I will do my best to provide same-day evening appointments, upon request. 

Is my information confidential?

Counseling can be an intimidating process, particularly because of the stigma that is oftentimes attached to it.  Our conversations and my records are considered privileged medical information and are protected by state law.  Also, I adhere to the counseling profession's ethical principles, found in the ACA Code of Ethics.  Please understand that counseling services are confidential with three exceptions: 1) If I believe you intend to harm yourself or another identifiable person, 2) if I believe a child, an elderly person, or a dependent adult has been abused and/or neglected, and 3) if a judge orders me to release privileged information.  In any other cases, I will only tell someone else the nature of your treatment, diagnoses, or counseling/medical history if you are fully knowledgeable and with a signed Release of Information. 

What other services do you provide? 

As someone with many lived experiences (i.e., miscarriage, heart surgery, struggles with work-life balance, etc.), I am happy to provide speaking consultations and motivational speaking as an ancillary service.  While this is not a primary focus of TC3, I am passionate about sharing my lived experiences, struggles, and overcoming with those who may not be interested in counseling, but may want to gain inspiration and motivation on their life journey. Prices for speaking engagements will vary and at times, will be provided free of charge.